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Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.
Winston Churchill

WinSol is proud to provide our clients with some of the newest and most innovative wind turbines on the market today.


Introducing Xzeres Skystream. We have partnered with Skystream to provide you with "the whole package". Everything from site assessment and recommendations for placement to system sizing, procurement, permitting, installation, and support after the sale.

Xzeres Skystream

Location is key. A properly placed wind turbine can produce primary, suplemental, or backup power. Wind turbines can be paired with a battery bank to store electricity for future use and to act as a backup when the grid is down.In general, a wind turbine should be placed high in the air and away from trees, buildings and other ground based obstructions. What we consider a 'good breeze' may actually be too turbulent for producing power. Let WinSol Power Company help with site assesments and preinstallation research.

Xeres Skystream Wind Turbine

The Xeres Skystream Wind Turbine