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Doing it yourself means having confidence in the finished product. Westinghouse Solar offers reliable technology and a modular design with integrated hardware for quick installation. Panels are daisy chained eliminating the need for complicated wiring. In fact, the entire system requires 80% fewer parts to install and maintain, ensuring years of worry-free operation.

Westinghouse Solar panel Kits

Westinghouse AC solar panels use micro-inverters, one per panel, to maximize array production and minimize the negative effects of partial shading. The array can be connected directly to the AC grid by way of the circuit breaker panel. The table below presents three complete kits available. Westinghouse Solar panels offer a cost effective solution from a trusted manufacturer. Westinghouse Solar panels have a 25-year warranty and are a great hedge against rising electric rates. In addition to these examples we can configure systems of just about any size using the most advanced technologies and equipment available.

Westinghouse Solar Power System Kits:

  • Provide higher reliability through integrated racking, wiring and grounding.
  • Factory assembled for dependability, requiring 80% fewer installation parts.
  • Deliver 5% to 25% more electricity than ordinary solar panels.
  • Offer a sleek, low profile design that looks great on your home or business.
  • AC panel systems expand with ease, so your solar power can grow with you.
  • Backed by the 25-year Westinghouse Solar Panel Warranty. 
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