Making Energy While The Sun Shines

Solar PV Installation.Solar PV energy is continually evolving to be even more efficient and affordable, and WinSol is proud to be able to provide our clients with the most up-to-date options available in Solar PV. By working with a number of different companies, rather than just one, we can be sure of providing the perfect products for each of our client’s individual needs, and give them the best solar array for their home or business.

There are many variables that go into finding the right solar array for each location, including whether to feed energy into the grid or to run it through a battery system off-grid, and WinSol will work with you to find which method will best suit your needs.

WinSol does a complete assessment of the site, and works closely with owners to make sure we provide the layout that will supply maximum power, savings and satisfaction for years to come. See what you can do with solar and wind power today!

A large Solar PV array

A large Solar PV array near O'Hare airport.

Chicago, Illinois.

Putting the final touches on a 1.3Kw Solar Awning in Glenview, Illinois.