1175 Watt Grid-Tied Solar Array - Just $4900.00¹ !!

Solar PV Installation.Winsol Power Company is committed to bringing green energy to the individual home owner. For a limited time we are offering a full 1175 watt, 5-panel, grid-interactive solar array to a limited number of qualified site owners at a price of just $6999.00¹ installed. Those who qualify for the 30% federal income tax credit will save even more. Potentially dropping your cost to just $4900.00. That's only $4.17 per watt, installed! Below the national average.²  Additional state incentives may exist  that could save you even more! Don't miss your chance to take advantage of the state and federal incentives available in your area. These programs won't last forever.³

The system features five Westinghouse 235AC solar panels with micro-inverter technology. The roof mounted array can be monitored via the internet and will produce an estimated 1700 kilowatt hours per year of electricity.

The system is also expandable up to 15 panels total with no need for rewiring, so you can increase the size of your system in the future quickly and easily. 

A good site should face south and not be shaded by trees or buildings. This array needs about 120 square feet  of roof space and is intended for a pitched roof. Other configurations are available and can be priced on request..

Find out if your site qualifies by sending your name and address  to [email protected]  or give us a call at (847) 961-4440. We will evaluate your site using satellite images and if your site qualifies, you can take part in this limited time offer and have your own green power plant.

WinSol does a complete assessment of the site, and works closely with owners to make sure we provide the layout that will supply maximum power, savings and satisfaction for years to come. See what you can do with solar and wind power today! 

The price includes solar panels, inverters, mounting hardware, production monitor, wiring and installation labor only. Array is mounted as a contiguous 5 panel array just above the gutter line. Wiring conduit will run externally to existing circuit breaker panel.

*¹ Normal price is $7637.00. Sale price is $6999.00 less 30% tax credit equals $4900.00. Price does not include sales tax, and/or any engineering, architect, building permits or other fees determined by the individual municipalities.

² Average price per watt for solar in the US was $4.44 in the first quarter of 2012. Based on GTM Research's U.S. Solar market Insight report.

³ 30% federal tax credit expires in 2016.