A Breeze is a terrible thing to waste

WinSol is proud to be a provider of the Continental Power Corporation PowerwoRx e3 Residential PowerConditioner, which offers Equipment Protection, Electrical Noise Filtration, and Energy Savings.

Whether or not you’re ready for a solar or wind installation, you should definitely think about installing a PowerwoRx e3 to protect your home and expensive electronic equipment from power surges and pulsing noises that can damage your electronics, and cut years off of their useful life.

The added bonus with this system is that it actually saves money. Our clients have generally experienced savings ranging from 10% - 20%, with one home saving 30%, without making any modifications to the way they use energy, and those figures don’t factor in the extended life of their equipment.

The PowerwoRx e3 Residential Power Conditioners are a smart, inexpensive way to start saving energy and money.

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