Electric cars have been around since the time of Thomas Edison. Henry Ford’s mass production of gasoline powered vehicles and the growth of the gasoline fueled infrastructure made the internal combustion engine a cheaper, more convenient alternative. Times change however, and the cost of oil, environmental concerns and advances in battery and motor technology are paving the way for an electric car comeback. Although the average American drives about 40 miles a day, we have become accustomed to a range of several hundred miles per tank, with the next "tank full" just up the road. Electric cars cannot yet go this far on a single charge. In order to relieve this “range anxiety” an electric charging infrastructure similar to our ubiquitous system of gas stations will have to be deployed.

Winsol Power Co. is committed to the advancement of EV technology and the deployment of a charging infrastructure that will relieve the concerns of EV motorists and make driving electric cars a safe, sensible and reliable alternative to the internal combustion engine.


Winsol Power Company is proud to offer a complete range of electric vehicle charging systems.

Residential chargers with SAE J1772 standard plugs are available for your home and a full range of commercial EV charging systems from single plug to dual output to DC fast chargers are available.

A web based station locator and billing system are in place for those considering the business potential in selling power to electric vehicle drivers!

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